Timepieces are in a unique position against any other physical product in the known world.
It is the only product with a price increment yearly of up to 30%, with new and older models both increasing in price (despite the older model still being produced and superseded). The average wealthy person will buy 15-20 watches in his / her lifetime in a  worldwide watch market of double-digit billions. Considering that 99.99% of watches bought at the retail price will lose a huge percentage immediately after leaving the shop (let alone after usage), how does one actually purchase something and later sell it for more than retail?

WatchFund was founded by watch expert Dominic Khoo and 7 partners. Khoo himself has
22 years of experience in buying watches, wearing them and selling them for more, whilst being the single biggest investor in WatchFund as well. Khoo started his formal training as a watch expert in 2006 with the world’s biggest watch auction house Antiquorum, is now

WatchFund approaches its acquisitions in this extremely complicated industry in up to two angles:

  1. Timepieces that are sought after – WatchFund is connected at the highest levels and has the ability to get into the queue before others do. For most of these pieces – it is not even just a question of having the money – but the access.
  2. Timepieces that are unattainable by mere mortals – with limited editions sometimes produced in quantities as low as one, certain timepieces/prototypes may not even make it to catalogs/magazines/shop windows. WatchFund through its worldwide connections has the ability to acquire such pieces.
  3. Timepieces that are bought at prices that others cannot get; through its partners and associates around the world.

The simple way of looking it would be: Shoppers of wat
ches would want to buy watches
from WatchFund investors because either (1) they have money but no access or (2) they couldn’t get the piece at the price they wanted. WatchFund investors are therefore a large group of investors that could choose to sell watches to a database of more than 9000 shoppers / watch collectors.

Addressing the trust issue: Whilst typical investment in most structures results in a piece of paper being held by the investor, WatchFund has the unique position of the investor holding up to 2x his / her investment in watches from day one. Don’t trust us? Don’t like us? You’re just generally a very cautious person? No worries. Take the watches, run to the
boutiques, and check the watches you have on your hand for yourself.

With no annual fees, WatchFund cannot survive unless we help you sell your watches – here investors and us are very much aligned.

Minimum investment: USD$250,000 (or equivalent). Purchase fees: 5%. Selling fee: 5% of total sale price. No membership fees. No annual fees.




Minimum Investment


Purchase Fees


Sale Fee

5% of total sale price

No Annual / Membership Fees